Basically, VELUBA is a pedal powered/electrically assisted Tricycle. Or an E-Trike. Officially classified by the UK Government and the EU as an E-Bike. An ‘Electrically Assisted Pedal Cycle,’ because it has a 250-Watt electric motor with a maximum assist speed of 15.5mph.

Designed specifically to meet the demands of London for highly efficient, cheaper and more environmentally friendly micro taxi journeys. A new way to travel and see our exciting city.

VELUBA is the future of inner city or town transport. Available as part of the exciting Greater London VELUBA taxi world as a single or multiple operations with our unique and business building VELUBA APP.


VELUBA is an APP hailed taxi business new to Greater London.

Our unique APP is available exclusively to anyone, or any company, that buys a VELUBA. The APP is available to download at the Apple App Store or on Google Play.

To hail a VELUBA a passenger simply taps the unique VELUBA APP and types in their desired destination. The driver instantly knows where they are and will come direct to them.

The pre-agreed fare on booking deducts automatically the moment they arrive at their destination, again via the VELUBA APP. No money, no hassle, less risk for both the passenger and driver.

And with every trip and fare instantly logged you can keep up to date with your business instantly, from anywhere.

VELUBA can use the roads, cycle lanes and bus lanes to speed up those journeys. As an e-trike it only has to adhere to the rules of the highway code. Parking permits, restrictions, congestion charges and parking fines don’t apply to a VELUBA.

(All models can also be bought to start your own taxi business, but without the VELUBA APP.)

Every VELUBA is available with the same two battery options. One option that lasts for 6 hours with a range of 70-90 miles or an amazing 12-hour battery option that has a range of 140-180 miles.

VELUBA is a marketer’s dream. Highly visible, highly recognisable, immediately distinctive, likeable and shouts its Eco-Credentials.

Extra income can also be earned through advertising inside the vehicle on the digital advertising screen as well as the exterior of the vehicle too.

VELUBA can be bought outright or financed through our unique VELUBA finance scheme that will help you get started if needed. Further personalised details available on request.

VELUBA is soon to become one of the most sought-after taxi operations in London. Single or multiple. Find out more and how you can start your own successful business call or email the team.

Business plans are also available to help make your VELUBA business journey a success.

For further information and to book a viewing/test drive email us at,