What Is It?


Basically, VELUBA is a pedal powered/electrically assisted Tricycle. Or an E-Trike. Officially classified by the UK Government and the EU as an E-Bike. An ‘Electrically Assisted Pedal Cycle,’ because it has a 250-Watt electric motor with a maximum speed of 15.5mph.

Designed as a taxi, VELUBA is also ideal for personal use. School trips, short journeys or events. VELUBA can use the roads, cycle lanes and bus lanes to speed up those journeys. As an e-trike it only has to adhere to the rules of the highway code. Parking restrictions and fines don’t apply to a VELUBA.

VELUBA in our congested towns and cities is a faster, cheaper and more environmentally friendly way to travel. VELUBA will be a breath of fresh air for you and the environment.

The range of your VELUBA varies depending on the model you choose. A standard VELUBA can operate for up to 6 hours with its battery pack. A range of 70-90 miles.

The VELUBA MKII model has a range of between 140 and 180 miles between charges with its unprecedented battery life equivalent of up to 12 hours. No other electric pedal powered/electrically assist vehicle offers more.

VELUBA can also be customised to your specific driving range requirements.

Low purchase price.
No road tax.
No driving licence.
Low maintenance.
Low running costs.
Low insurance costs.
Beat congestion and charges.
Fast and reliable.
No parking restrictions or fines.
Zero pollution.

For more details see pricing and battery options.

For further information and an opportunity to book a viewing/trial email us at, info@veluba.com.

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